16 Amazing Ayurveda Tips To Lose Weight That You Can Do Today
Ayurveda for Weight Loss

16 Amazing Ayurveda Tips To Lose Weight That You Can Do Today

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2017)

You can find more than enough information on weight loss. Just Google “how to lose weight” and you’ll get about 12,30,00,000 results. That’s huge.

But most of it is pure garbage. So you might be wondering how I find a weight loss strategy that actually works.

Lucky for you, today I’m going to make it super easy for you. All you have to do is spend 10 minutes each day to do these 17 insanely practical ayurvedic tips to lose weight.

Ayurvedic Tips To Lose Weight


1. Lose Inches On Your Belly By Just Turning Off Your TV For 20 Minutes


Thiking how turning off TV for 20 minutes helps in weight loss? Let me explain.

Of course, the more you watch TV, the less you move. For example, an hour spent watching TV is also the same hour that is spent NOT playing football. But that’s not the big problem. The big problem is watching TV while eating. Why?

Because your mind gets so busy in watching TV that it forgets to make you feel satisfied even when you’ve eaten enough. As a result you end up eating way more calories than required. That’s why Ayurveda advices us to eat mindfully. And you can easily control this by following these simple steps:-

1- Take out your cell phone, and put three reminders with title “Turn off TV”. First for your breakfast time, second for your lunch time and last for your dinner time.

2- Now whenever it’s your eating time, the reminder will buzz.

3- As soon as it starts, either distance yourself from TV and other distractions or turn it off for only 20 minutes.


2. Burn The Fat Rapidly By Chewing It SLOWLY 


Eating food rapidly leads to overeating because it takes 20 minutes to reach the signal that we are full from stomach to brain.

But when we eat too fast, we eat far more food than required to satisfy our hunger in the meantime the signal reaches our brain.

So, it’s wise to eat slowly by following these steps to stop overeating :-

1- Write the no. 20 on your plates with a permanent marker.

2-Before you sit to eat, turn off the TV and put your phone aside.

3-When you put the food in plate, you’ll see the no. 20 written on it which is a reminder that you’ve to chew your food at least 20  times before swallowing it in.

4- Also put your fork, spoon or knife aside until you finish your  first bite.


3.Torch The Fat By Stopping At The Right Time


This tip is one from my favorite Ayurvedic Tips To Lose Weight. Ayurveda says that the definition of a wise person is someone who knows when to stop eating. It doesn’t say that a wise man is someone who knows how to earn money or score high on IQ test, but simply state someone who knows when to stop eating.

It may sound simple, but few know when to stop eating. But you can do it by following these steps : –

1-Turn off your TV or any other distractions while eating.

2-Chew every bite at least 20 times.

3-Put the fork, knife or spoon aside till you finish your food.

4-Ask yourself how it tastes? Salty, sweet or sour? Rate it’s saltiness or sourness or whatever taste it has on a scale of 1 to 10. Do it for every bite you put in your mouth.

5-Also pay close attention to your stomach sensations. Are you feeling full or hungry? Rate your hunger on a scale of 1 to 10 for every bite.

6-Stop when you start feeling slightly full, and the taste of food start tasting a little less tastier because if you continue eating, you’ll eat far more than you actually need.


4. Kill Fat By Being A Bad Boy


Even though you no longer hungry, you don’t stop eating because your plate still has some food in it. It happens because we’ve been taught that a good boy never leaves the food on the plate. Therefore, it’s wise to turn into a bad boy and leave the food if you are not hungry.

1-       Get rid of all distractions TV, cell phone or laptops etc.

2-       Eat every bit mindfully and slowly.

3-       Pay close attention to your gut, and when you start feeling slightly full stop.

4-       Don’t sweat if there is food left on your plate. You can offer it to animals like dog, cow etc.

5-   Next time you sit to eat, jut put half the amount of food you usually eat. If you are still hungry after eating it, then put some more food on your plate. This way you’ll not have to worry about wasting food.


5. Eat More When You Are More Active And Less When You Are Less Active

Active-Eat-More-Less-Active-Eat-LessThink for a moment about a car. Just like a car needs more fuel when you drive it and less food when it’s parked, your body needs more food when you are active and less when you are not.

So you should up your eating during high demand periods and cut down when relaxing. Eating more food when you’re more active will make your body an efficient calorie burner which will increase the metabolic rate of your body and also help you stay energetic through the day. More important, it will help you lose fat more effectively.

6. Torch The Fat By Skipping Meals


We have been taught to eat three meals/day i.e breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And if we miss a meal somehow we feel weak and irritated.

But you don’t actually need to eat three times a day. Instead of eating according to the clock, you should eat only when you are truly hungry.

And if you don’t feel hungry then don’t eat the meal whether it’s breakfast or dinner.


7. Don’t Let The Fat Enter Your Body By Fasting


Today many people believe that fasting helps us manage weight, but Indians are emphasizing on observing fast for long time.

Just choose one day of the week and eat light food for that day.

On other day continue to eat whatever you like.

Or if you feel week in maintain the fast, you can fast once every 15 days.

8. Get Lighter By Eating Light Dinner


You might have already heard “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper” but never took it seriously.

Just think how would you feel if your boss hires you for 9a.m to 6 p.m, gives you very little work throughout the day, but when you are about to leave he overwhelms you with all the work in the world and asks you to finish it off before you leave. The same feeling your stomach feels when you over load it at dinner.

At night your stomach has little capacity to digest because as the sun goes down so does your ability to digest.




9.  Squash Your Appetite With Lemon


I have personally tried all these Ayurvedic Tips To Lose Weight which are listed here and this one was awesome.Most people believe that lemon makes them thin. But it doesn’t.

What it does is reduce your appetite and you end up eating less food.

Steps To Use It:

1-  Take a lemon, and cut it into two halves.

2-  Squash one half into a jug.

3-  Put two glass of mildly warm water into the jug, and stir it for 40 to 50 times.

4-  Drink one glass yourself, and share the other with someone else.

5-  If it tastes too sour, add some more water into it. Unlike most people believe, it’s not necessary to mix a certain amount of lemon juice with a fix amount of water. You can change the quantities to suit your taste.

6-  Drink it immediately upon waking up will make you refresh.


10.  Get Slim By Eating A Vegetarian Diet

Become-VegetarianReligion apart, a non-vegetarian diet has way more calories(and cholesterol) than a vegetarian diet.

So you should eat a vegetarian diet, but if you can’t give up on chicken or meat don’t sweat it.

Follow the following steps : –

1-  Don’t eat any meat or chicken on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

2-  On remaining days, limit meat or chicken to only one meal a day.


11.   Think Global But Eat local


Although you can taste Italy’s food in India, but you should eat local produce and seasonal food.


1-  Climate, altitude, humidity, wind, soil quality, etc influence our digestive system and foods that grow locally.

That’s why Ayurveda recommends tweaking your diet, habits and lifestyle according to the Ritu, or season.

2-  Unseasonal food and food from distant places tastes only half as good and had lost most of its nutrients.



12.   Follow a Daily Routine


You must have your ways of doing things. You might love eating ice cream at mid night or you might love to sleep till noon on weekends.

It might makes you feel good, but it’s damaging to your overall health.

Ayurveda advises to follow a fix routine tailored to season.

Go to bed and wake up at fixed times. Do every voluntary tasks, like taking shower, reading, watching TV etc, on fixed times.

This simple routine will make your non voluntary tasks, like low, energy levels through out  the day etc on time as well. Increase your discipline, and keep your immunity enhanced.

13.   Burn The Stubborn Fat With Exercise


By exercise, I don’t mean that you spend 2 hours in gym every day.

I mean simple exercise that doesn’t fatigue you, but energize you.

Ayurveda advises to not take the exercise up to the point of exertion.

Take 10 to 15 minutes walk. Play tennis for 20 minutes or just play with a naughty kid for 15 to 20 minutes.

These will not make you tired, but instead fill you with energy and vitality.

14.   Wake Up With The Sun And Make Energy Your Friend


You should wake up before sunrise because sunrise provides you vitamin D that maintains healthy bones and reduces the Tamas.

But if this sounds way out of reach, just wake up an hour before you are used to.

If you are waking up post noon, start with waking up 2 hours earlier.

Waking up even 30 minutes earlier creates a difference in your energy and ultimately in your weight.

Remember: If you sleep at fixed time, you will also get up at fixed time naturally.

15.   Lose Pounds By Being More Lazy


Though you might have to sacrifice your sleep for some really important things like wedding, an urgent project etc. at times, but you should never compromise on it for unnecessary things like chatting  or late night TV. because researchers say sleep deprivation triggers a chemical reaction that increases people’s hunger levels and desire for salty and sweet snacks.

And I don’t need to remind you how many extra calorie you consume in forms of tea, coffee etc to compensate for less sleep. Do I?

So sleep at the same time every day (Preferably by 10.30 pm). Sleeping at the same time daily is the best gift that you can give yourself.

It goes without saying that all those who sleep at a fixed time also wake up at the exact same time daily.

If that sounds impossible to you then give yourself a 1 hour window i.e you sleep daily between 10.30 to 11.30 pm. This is a must for weekdays, but you might take the weekend off if desired.

16.   Burst The Fat, Ease The Stress With Meditation


You might think that only food makes you fat, but stress too makes you fat because levels of “the stress hormone,” cortisol goes up when you are stressed. This Cortisol causes higher insulin levels that lowers your blood sugar levels. As a result, you crave sugary, fatty foods.

Don’t worry , you can get rid of stress instantly by doing meditation for few minutes.

And I have a complete step by step guide to do meditation below for you.

Just do it and see how your stress will fly away.


Here’s a simple step by step guide to meditate: –

1-  Sit straight in a comfortable position.

2-  Let the thoughts appear and disappears. Don’t pass judgement on your thoughts, let them come and go as they will.

It might sound simple, but you fill find it quite difficult because you’re used to mentally travelling backwards and forwards while making judgments on everything (e.g. worrying, dreading, anticipating, regretting etc.)

3-  Do it for five to ten minutes at your convenience.

Remember, you don’t have to try all these ayurvedic tips to lose weight. Pick whichever ones stand out – and
knock them off the list. Start small. Start with one. You have the time… it’s up to you do it.