Say Goodbye To The Issue Of Hair Loss In Ayurvedic Way
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Say Goodbye To The Issue Of Hair Loss In Ayurvedic Way

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2018)

Anyone who is facing or faced hair loss issues knows that it is not a pretty sight. The ayurvedic treatment for hairloss is an alternate way of dealing with the issues of hair loss. If used in the early stages, it can help in stopping the problem completely. Without further delay, let’s take you through the Ayurvedic elements that can help in ensuring that your issue of hair fall is handled properly.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera

Easily available, this is an element that can control the issue of hair loss. It also helps in growth of the new hairs. Alongside, it makes sure that your hair is silky and smooth. The best way to use is by mixing 1/3rd cup of Aloe Vera gel with cumin and use 2-3 times a day. It takes about 3 months before the hair stops falling.



It is Indian gooseberry that is a powerhouse of different nutrients. It contains multiple kinds of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. The main benefit you get by using Amla is strong hairs. It also delays the process of graying of hair besides acting as a conditioner. In order to apply, Amla powder along with curd and then apply to hair. Leave for 1-2 hours before washing. You can also cut the Amla and directly apply on the scalp then leave for 20 minutes before washing.

Banyan Tree Roots:

Banyan Tree Roots

Banyan tree root mixed with lemon juice is a perfect hair pack for prevention of hair loss. Make sure you apply the mixture to your scalp and leave for some time before washing.

Sesame seeds:

Sesame Seeds

Of course they add on to the taste of any dish! However, do you know they are also tremendously beneficial for preventing hair loss? It is because they are a rich source of calcium and magnesium.


Brahmi Oil

This Ayurvedic herb is not only beneficial for preventing hair loss but also promotes memory building. It increases concentration and alertness besides giving a healthy skin. For your hair treatment, massage the scalp with Brahmi oil. You can also use it as hair pack by mixing with curd or lemon juice.

Wondering which one is perfect for you? You can always take the help of an Ayurveda expert.