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Lift the Iron in our body to top without using Tonics and Tablets

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2020)

Hello, Iron less kids, adults, pregnant ladies. Here I can tell you how to improve your Iron level in a natural way.

Generally, people have this Iron deficiency problem mainly in pregnant ladies. In every Human body, there is blood and this blood acts as a vehicle to carry food, air, and water to the organs.

Blood in the body: Hemoglobin in the body:
Ladies: 4.5 liters
Gents:   5 liters
Ladies: 12-14 grams
Gents: 14-16 grams
Pregnant: 10-15 grams

Make note of these important points :

Iron and hemoglobin are interlinked.

Symptoms of less hemoglobin are faded lips, whiteness in eyes, whited nails if we press them.

Iron intake per day
Males: 28 milligrams
Females: 30 milligrams

Females, children, pregnant ladies should eat more iron-rich foods because it will reflect on their growth.

Iron-rich foods
100 grams of wheat 5 milligram
100 grams of Almond 5 milligram
100 grams cashews 6 milligram
100 grams watermelon seeds 8 milligram
100 grams bajra 8 milligram
100 grams sesame 9 milligram
100 grams roasted chana 10 milligram
100 grams pudina leaves 16 milligram
100 grams of rice flakes 20 milligram
100 grams husk 35 milligram
100 grams Amaranth 39 milligram

Mainly in all of these Amaranth is cheap and best in my opinion.
Flax seeds contain a rich amount of iron.

Best way to take Flax seeds:

Grind the flax seeds and sieve it and make a fine dry powder without adding any spices.

Daily add 1 teaspoon of powder to buttermilk and drink sip by sip.

If the body should absorb Iron then vitamin- c is a necessary vitamin to our body. Without vitamin-c Iron cannot be absorbed.

The above point should be noted and it should be noted on your notebook and in your mind.

Here we go to another point that is vitamin-c will be there only in non-cooked foods.

Lastly preferred Diet plan for Haemoglobin deficiency:

Recipe 1 :


Fresh carrots – 2 small in size

Tomato – 1 in number

Keera – 1 small piece

Beetroot -1 small piece

Dry dates powder


Take a mixer grinder and add all these veggies and make a fine paste with water and strain it.

Add one teaspoon of honey and dry dates powder to it and drink it by sip by sip.

Daily 300 ml of juice in the morning kick start your day with energy.

And also dry dates powder is a good food of Iron level.


Recipe -2:


Flax seeds –  100grams

red chili – 2 grams

cumin seeds – 5grams

Garlic  -10 grams

salt – as per your taste


Take a pan and lit the stove and keep it on medium flame and add flax seeds to it and fry for 5 minutes until nice aromatic smell comes.

Next, take them to a plate and add all spices one by one and fry for 1 minute.

Add all these to a mixer and grind them by adding enough salt.

After that sieve the powder and enjoy with rice or with anything.




Lastly, we should take a good intake of iron-rich foods. Nature has many live medicines to cure this problem in the form of food.

We should eat them in the correct manner and incorrect quantity.

Everything on earth is we should make use of everything on it.

I hope you enjoy and studied many key points to change your hemoglobin and Iron level.